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NASRAC Season 3 is underway!!!

NASRAC Season 3 Race 1 Complete – The Daytona 500 Here is the Group breakdown AAA1 – 49 drivers AA1 – 55 drivers AA2 – 56 Drivers A1,2,3,4 – 60 drivers each A5 and A6 have more but these may be our ghost Groups with nobody really running. A7 will be the new group for [...]

NASRAC Season 2 is Finished – Great results and over 1000 users

Guys thanks for a successful Season 2 – it was a lot of fun. I know nobody else is really doing a NASCAR Simulation Game on the web like this so I thank you for your support. Come over and check out the final stats and don’t forget to look at how close many of [...]

Philip Hampton Reinstated

NASRAC Official Release…10/27/2008 Philip Hamptom has been reinstated in the NASRAC fraternity. He will continue to drive the Toyota #167 in Group A13 for the remainder of the season. Certain restrictions have been placed on Hampton and everyone is expected to welcome him back. We shouldn’t have to look to the past, but the past [...]

NASRAC – Former Driver Hampton Petitions for Reinstatement

Former Driver Hampton Petitions for Reinstatement Philip Hampton, former A-1 Series driver, has petitioned Nasrac Director Kevin Minnelli for reinstatement. Hampton was banned after the Sharpie 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway in season 1 for intentionally cheating. Hampton was proven too have been exceeding 99 risk in qualifying in an effort too win the pole [...]

Nasrac Group A6 – Championship leader does it again

Championship leader does it again 4xchamp, the current leader in A6 points, wins yet again, making it 4 races. He lead the most laps, with 91, getting him all the points. After the Daytona race, the chase standings was shaken up with the top 5 changing except for havealotoffu, staying 4th in points. 4xchamp has [...]

NASRAC – X2X Motorsports not living up too expectations (AA1)

X2X Motorsports not living up too expectations (AA1) Last season in A-1 X2X Motorsports was formed just prior too the inaugural Nasrac Chase for the Cup. Putting all four of their teams in the top 10 in points at the end of Season one the entire team was moved too AA-1. They were expected too [...]

NASRAC Season 2 is now open – NASCAR Race Games at there Best

Good luck guys Season 2 is now open – I have finished dividing up all the Divisions and everything looks good. Tell me if you see a problem or any bugs but I will be away on Saturday. Just in case we run into any issues, don’t run your next 7 races, just run [...]

NASRAC Shootout Results

All 9 Groups have raced and the winners are… My big plan was to take the top finishers from each division and run them in one big race. However, that seems like a lot of extra code, this whole shootout has been a lot of work in changing my code around and isn’t keeping me [...]

NASRAC Season 1 Promotions – Nascar Games best online games

Okay excellent Season 1 – this is the list of Promotions to AA!!! I have between 76-95 guys and you had to run more than 13 races. So Group A7, A8, A9 you will stay in Series A for right now. I want to thank everyone for a great first season and look forward to [...]

Collins Makes it Two in a Row (A5)

COLLINS MAKES IT TWO IN A ROW by Dan Collins Date: Sept. 4, 2008 Event: Centurion Boats at The Glen Series: NASRAC A-5 Series Location: Watkins Glen International Start/Finish: 1st/1st Dan Collins came into the Watkins Glen International Raceway looking to gain some valuable experience in his first ever road course attempt. Not only did [...]