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NASRAC Season 5 CHASE Race 1 is Complete

NASRAC the free online nascar strategy simulation game has just completed Race 27 – CHASE RACE 1 for Season 5. Note only NASCAR Groups A1-A5 and AA1, AA2 and AAA1 had the drivers rest to the 5000 chase points. Groups A6-A9 only had a few races and not enough to really make it fair for [...]

NASRAC Season 3 is underway!!!

NASRAC Season 3 Race 1 Complete – The Daytona 500 Here is the Group breakdown AAA1 – 49 drivers AA1 – 55 drivers AA2 – 56 Drivers A1,2,3,4 – 60 drivers each A5 and A6 have more but these may be our ghost Groups with nobody really running. A7 will be the new group for [...]

NASRAC – Former Driver Hampton Petitions for Reinstatement

Former Driver Hampton Petitions for Reinstatement Philip Hampton, former A-1 Series driver, has petitioned Nasrac Director Kevin Minnelli for reinstatement. Hampton was banned after the Sharpie 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway in season 1 for intentionally cheating. Hampton was proven too have been exceeding 99 risk in qualifying in an effort too win the pole [...]

Nasrac Group A6 – Championship leader does it again

Championship leader does it again 4xchamp, the current leader in A6 points, wins yet again, making it 4 races. He lead the most laps, with 91, getting him all the points. After the Daytona race, the chase standings was shaken up with the top 5 changing except for havealotoffu, staying 4th in points. 4xchamp has [...]

NASRAC Season 2 is now open – NASCAR Race Games at there Best

Good luck guys Season 2 is now open – I have finished dividing up all the Divisions and everything looks good. Tell me if you see a problem or any bugs but I will be away on Saturday. Just in case we run into any issues, don’t run your next 7 races, just run [...]

New Face Appears in Victory Lane as Old Faces Retain Chase Spots

New Face Appears in Victory Lane as Old Faces Retain Chase Spots The Pennsylvania 500 marked the 21st race for NASRAC’s A-1 division as the top class looked to tame the three corner beast in rural PA. While Johnny Williams was the dominant driver of the day, leading just over half of the race, Kashvinder [...]

NASRAC – Race 16 Complete – Infineon Raceway

NASRAC – Race 16 Complete – Infineon Raceway – Toyota/Save Mart 350 The results are in for Race 16 at Infineon and all active groups are complete. The races where all tight and I kind of like the results. Again, as we advance we will make some more tweaks by track type, like road course, [...]

Week 3 underway – Race 13 at Dover Complete

Okay guys – sorry it took longer tonight. I was really working hard on the race adjustment code but just couldn’t get it to where I wanted. Race 13 is done for A1, A2, A3 and welcome to A4!!! We will have race 14 at Pocono is tomorrow night – it may have some new [...]

Race 12 Complete | Lowe’s Motor Speedway

Race 12 at Lowe’s Motor Speedway is complete. The week is over. A tie atop the A1 group after 1/3 of the season. Funny thing this 600 mile race was only 500. Seems I made this a 333 lap race. Can someone look at the schedule an double check my laps count. I may just [...]

NASRAC – Race 10 Complete – Richmond

Race 10 Complete for A1, A2 and A3 groups. A4 you will start on Monday evening but take a look at the other groups results. Race 11 at Darlington tomorrow night. Race results and standings are shaping up nice. I have added the race track venue to your garage page for your reference and made [...]