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NASRAC Season 5 CHASE Race 1 is Complete

NASRAC the free online nascar strategy simulation game has just completed Race 27 – CHASE RACE 1 for Season 5. Note only NASCAR Groups A1-A5 and AA1, AA2 and AAA1 had the drivers rest to the 5000 chase points. Groups A6-A9 only had a few races and not enough to really make it fair for [...]

NASRAC Season 3 is over.

Season 3 is now over. I would like to congratulate all the winners and say this was a great season. I came back near the end and did finish 2nd, I won’t tell you who won, go check out all the standings. Season 4 should be fun and I expect it to start sometime next [...]

NASRAC – X2X Motorsports not living up too expectations (AA1)

X2X Motorsports not living up too expectations (AA1) Last season in A-1 X2X Motorsports was formed just prior too the inaugural Nasrac Chase for the Cup. Putting all four of their teams in the top 10 in points at the end of Season one the entire team was moved too AA-1. They were expected too [...]

NASRAC – Race 14 Complete – Pocono

NASRAC – Race 14 Complete – Pocono The results are in for Race 14 at Pocono. I had to do some more testing tonight but have the race adjustment settings you use in your race strategy working nice and fair. At least to me they look good. A5 you are still on standby until next [...]

Free Online NASCAR Game – NASRAC.COM

Nasrac is a Free Online NASCAR Game that is being developed for the NASCAR community as a whole. I have taken many suggestions from our current driver community and have made significant enhancements over the last few months on development. Currently we are in the early stages of the first season races, but an unlimited [...]