NASRAC the free online nascar strategy simulation game has just completed Race 27 – CHASE RACE 1 for Season 5.

Note only NASCAR Groups A1-A5 and AA1, AA2 and AAA1 had the drivers rest to the 5000 chase points. Groups A6-A9 only had a few races and not enough to really make it fair for everyone playing the game.

I also know many of you had issues getting to the site today. I am not 100% certain why this is happening but I was able to test the site from two locations today. It may be a DNS issue and if you are having issue send me an email again and I will provide you with an IP address that should do the job. Again, I apologize for any inconvenience.

Thanks for the continued support. Soon, a fellow driver who has dedicated several hours of helping me develop an incredible Race Replay flash application will be unveiled. I need to test it inside the NASRAC environment but it looks really good and I think it will add that little extra zing you want when watching the replays. So when we release it, remember it may have a few minor issues and we can always make tweaks to improve it.

Kevin Minnelli
Stock Car Racing Manager Game