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Season 11 – Starts Feb 23

Welcome to Season 11. Feel free to start running your practice and qualifying sessions and good luck. Notes for S11: Races will be held everyday including Sundays from 2/23 – 3/30 – I had to finish it before Easter break or we would have a long delay because of vacation time. S12 will start in [...]

NASRAC Season 7 Chase is Set

Okay it looks like the CHASE for Season 7 is set. there were several close battles but we are good for the last 10 races. Please visit us – nascar game

NASRAC Season 5 CHASE Race 1 is Complete

NASRAC the free online nascar strategy simulation game has just completed Race 27 – CHASE RACE 1 for Season 5. Note only NASCAR Groups A1-A5 and AA1, AA2 and AAA1 had the drivers rest to the 5000 chase points. Groups A6-A9 only had a few races and not enough to really make it fair for [...]

NASRAC Season 3 is over.

Season 3 is now over. I would like to congratulate all the winners and say this was a great season. I came back near the end and did finish 2nd, I won’t tell you who won, go check out all the standings. Season 4 should be fun and I expect it to start sometime next [...]

NASRAC Season 3 is underway!!!

NASRAC Season 3 Race 1 Complete – The Daytona 500 Here is the Group breakdown AAA1 – 49 drivers AA1 – 55 drivers AA2 – 56 Drivers A1,2,3,4 – 60 drivers each A5 and A6 have more but these may be our ghost Groups with nobody really running. A7 will be the new group for [...]

NASRAC Season 2 is Finished – Great results and over 1000 users

Guys thanks for a successful Season 2 – it was a lot of fun. I know nobody else is really doing a NASCAR Simulation Game on the web like this so I thank you for your support. Come over and check out the final stats and don’t forget to look at how close many of [...]

NASRAC Official Inquiry; 2 wins in a row – Minnelli

NASRAC Officials have looked into the last 2 race wins by Minnelli. After going 50 races without a win, some folks suspected cheated or manipulation of the system. One anonymous source suspects a secret engine enhancement. Minnelli stated “We do not have secret engine enhancements or any enhancements at this juncture of the NASRAC Series. [...]

NASRAC – X2X Motorsports not living up too expectations (AA1)

X2X Motorsports not living up too expectations (AA1) Last season in A-1 X2X Motorsports was formed just prior too the inaugural Nasrac Chase for the Cup. Putting all four of their teams in the top 10 in points at the end of Season one the entire team was moved too AA-1. They were expected too [...]

NASRAC Race 3 Complete – Nascar Games online – NASRAC Race 3 Complete Lots of good races tonight, Don’t forget to check out the other Groups and always take a peek at AA1 and AA2. For the A9 guys I had an error with extra drivers floating in, so I removed about 10 guys and made sure they were in A10. The [...]

NASRAC Season 2 is now open – NASCAR Race Games at there Best

Good luck guys Season 2 is now open – I have finished dividing up all the Divisions and everything looks good. Tell me if you see a problem or any bugs but I will be away on Saturday. Just in case we run into any issues, don’t run your next 7 races, just run [...]