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1st Third of Season 11 Complete

The first third of Season 11 is complete. In AAA X2X Motorsports has flexed its muscle early with 5 cars currently in the chase zone and several more ready to pounce. Veteran driver Tim Reeve (Season 4 Champ) leads the way for the 5 Time AAA Champions with two wins sitting 2nd in points. Along [...]

NASRAC Season 5 CHASE Race 1 is Complete

NASRAC the free online nascar strategy simulation game has just completed Race 27 – CHASE RACE 1 for Season 5. Note only NASCAR Groups A1-A5 and AA1, AA2 and AAA1 had the drivers rest to the 5000 chase points. Groups A6-A9 only had a few races and not enough to really make it fair for [...]

NASRAC Season 3 is over.

Season 3 is now over. I would like to congratulate all the winners and say this was a great season. I came back near the end and did finish 2nd, I won’t tell you who won, go check out all the standings. Season 4 should be fun and I expect it to start sometime next [...]

NASRAC Season 3 is underway!!!

NASRAC Season 3 Race 1 Complete – The Daytona 500 Here is the Group breakdown AAA1 – 49 drivers AA1 – 55 drivers AA2 – 56 Drivers A1,2,3,4 – 60 drivers each A5 and A6 have more but these may be our ghost Groups with nobody really running. A7 will be the new group for [...]