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Hello everyone, I’m Alain Worstwick, and welcome to This Week in NASRAC. This will be a Sunday feature that will include highlights of the NASRAC race week and also the current news, information, and happenings. We hope you will all enjoy this feature, as a lot of behind the scenes people have contributed to bring [...]

Bupp Breaks Winless Streak

Going into the NASRAC Sunshine 600 @ Pheonix it had been 232 races since Phillip Bupp had last visited victory lane back at New Hampshire in the summer of season 9. While his Bupp Enterprises team paid visits all the time he simply could never pull off the win until last night when he finally [...]

Newsome Racing: Season 15

Written By: Cody Johnson Coming off their win in the season 14 NASRAC team challenge, Newsome Racing is back and ready to defend their title. This season, NR is stacked with talent. The loss of the quiet, but always competitive Grumpy, was definitely a blow to the team’s confidence, but the lineup of drivers for [...]

Preseason Team Rankings

Well another season is right around the corner, and as teams make a last ditch recruitment drive what better time to take a look at them and where they will likely stack up in the end. 9. McCammon Motorsports McCammon Motorsports has been around for several seasons now with moderate successes, but the team doesn’t [...]

NASRAC: Is It Too Simple?

Written By: Michael Finley All right, I know that NASRAC, when compared to, say, GPRO, is much more simple to learn. There are a gigantic amount of variables in GPRO, while in NASRAC, you don’t, say, upgrade the car. This is not a jab to NASRAC; rather, it is a compliment. NASRAC, giving you up [...]

Season 15 Starts November 1st

Nasrac Season 15 will start the 1st of November and run until the 18th of December. The season will take a one week break in the end of November for Thanksgiving from the 20th-29th. You can begin setting up now for the 1st 7 races of the season, have fun!

1Up Motorsports is Back!

1Up Motorsports is rising out of the ashes of Speed of Light Racing, which was mismanaged into the ground. The 1Up name dates back to Season 1 and was an active team until season 8 when it was merged in with Bailey Motorsports virtually ending the 1Up team as it existed in name only as [...]

A Look at the Teams, 1/3 of the way through the season

So how are the Nasrac teams doing this season? We’ll take a look. Bupp Enterprises BE came into the season with some big acquisitions from disgruntled SLR members to independents ready to give the team idea a shot. The team has been a contender and this season is no different as the have 4 people currently in the AAA [...]


Written By: Grrrber When all the dust settled Tuesday night in Avondale, Arizona, the lights were turned off at the track and everyone went home, typical race in the desert. But one thing was left burning red hot in the Arizona night….Newsome Racing. It is hard to believe that at the conclusion of the off [...]

Forum Rules Pass Rules Committee Unanimously

With the Rules Committee voting unanimously to approve the Rules they are now in effect in the forum. 1. Any member who puts down someone’s accomplishments as a driver or owner, will be warned. Continued offences with face a ban with length determined by past history. 2. Any member who open complains about the moderators [...]