Preseason Team Rankings

Well another season is right around the corner, and as teams make a last ditch recruitment drive what better time to take a look at them and where they will likely stack up in the end.

9. McCammon Motorsports McCammon Motorsports has been around for several seasons now with moderate successes, but the team doesn’t have the depth to be a real contender. They have alot of newer or not very dedicated members which makes being a successful team almost impossible. I expect that they will win some races and make a challenge in A and AA but I don’t expect alot out of their AAA program.

8. Henderson Racing Henderson Racing is a team that has been around for 8 seasons and as they enter their 9th season they have only won one championship, an A championship which is an accomplishment for Brian Kreashko but it is not a real big accomplishment for an 8 season team. Most teams that have existed 8 seasons have many A titles along with some AA titles or close calls atleast. The team has never really produced and I don’t see them starting this season, they will win some races in A and challenge for the championship there. In AA I expect them to be a 15th-20th points place team with a chase car possibly, and in AAA I expect the team to continue running in the 25th range if they put a car in the chase I will be surprised.

7. Bailey Motorsports Bailey Motorsports is returning in Season 15, and the team has already made alot of enemies. They have a decent looking lineup but alot of them have come from already existing teams leaving several owners frustrated with the team and others looking down on it because they mostly built their teams by finding their own talent and developing it over a couple seasons. The team will likely put a car in the chase at each level, I doubt they will be a real contender in AAA, but AA and A they could make a challenge and win some races. The biggest thing I see against the team is the management system with 4 leaders so far for a 10 or 12 member team, a system that has failed before.

6. Sith Racing Sith has been around for as long as Henderson Racing, but they are the more successful team by a lot. They have almost won the AAA title before and AA title battles. However the leaders of the team have gone inactive for various reasons with Jeremy Alsop beginning the rebuilding process last season. I think they will come back but it will take some time this season they will run decent and have a respectable season.

5. 1Up Motorsports 1Up Motorsports is back in action this season as the former Speed of Light Racing was overhauled into the new 1Up Motorsports with leaders Tim Reeve and Michael Finley. Finley has been setting the expectations on the team through the roof, mainly because of his co leader who is arguably one of the best owners NASRAC has ever seen. The team itself has some veteran depth and some rookie enthusiasm. I see the team being a challenger in A, a respectable team in AA and in AAA they will likely be putting together a decent run between 3 veterans and 2nd year Michael.

4. Redline Motorsports Redline has been a quiet team for its time here in Nasrac. They put a car in the chase most of the time, win some races, and maybe they will win the championship in AA or A. With KRB returning I see them making gains this season, it likely won’t show alot this season which is why I keep them at 6th. I think their AAA may be a surprise but I wouldn’t bet on them winning the AAA championship, then again you never know. AA is a good possibility though.

3. Newsome Racing Newsome has just won the team challenge and JD Newsome made a challenge to Kevin last season early in the chase before falling off later. The team has alot of things going for it they will challenge for A and AA titles, win races everywhere, but the AAA chase will be where they have to prove themselves. They have shown they can make the chase now they have to come in and prove that they can close the deal and bring home that elusive AAA championship.

2. Bupp Enterprises BE is at an important point in the teams future, they have won AA and A championships but they need to close the deal in AAA before they begin to falter and become just one more of the almosts. They will win races, and they will likely be a serious challenger but at the end of the day its time for them to close the deal entering their 8th full time season, the question for BE isn’t will they be competitive but will they finally prove they can close the deal.

1. X2X Motorsports Call me crazy but I think this is when X2X comes back. The team hasn’t won a AAA championship since season 11, which for anyone else wouldn’t be a big deal but X2X has won 6 AAA championships and had never went more than a season without winning before that. They have been rebuilding for some time and something tells me this will be the season they come out and make a legit challenge and continue the legacy.

All opinions in this article are those of the author and not NASRAC

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that was cold for my team at the end. (Henderson Racing)

McCammon may be ranked as #9 but we truly are a good team,We give Rookies a chance to show their potential.This year with Drivers like Dallas Sinclair and Robert Hill in A Division we Will battle for that championship!