1Up Motorsports is Back!

1Up Motorsports is rising out of the ashes of Speed of Light Racing, which was mismanaged into the ground. The 1Up name dates back to Season 1 and was an active team until season 8 when it was merged in with Bailey Motorsports virtually ending the 1Up team as it existed in name only as 1Up/Bailey Motorsports but the 1Up part was all but gone. Now the team is being brought back by Tim Reeve and Michael Finley to continue winning championships as the team had done in the A and AA divisions and capture the teams first AAA Championship.

The team returns in a completely different time, the stranglehold X2X Motorsports had on AAA when they closed no longer exists as the team has now went 3 seasons without winning the AAA crown. Several teams have gone that were inĀ NASRACĀ back when the team was in prominence and several new teams have come to try and take over the top. Now the team comes back in a time when NASRAC is a much more competitive place then it was back then but it has the leader who has been able to win under every circumstance and is perhaps one of the best leaders of all time, Tim Reeve.

“I don’t expect us to be a big challenger right away,” Said Reeve, “I think we will run decent but I don’t see us as an immediate challenger that will take time. We will be decent and probably be better than a few teams but we won’t be the best for atleast a couple of seasons. I beleive it takes 3 seasons to make a team a legitimate contender by getting the talent that you pick up out of the A and AA divisions to AAA and everyone working together.” Reeve’s first team that he started from scratch almost won the AAA Championship in its 3rd season.

The team seemingly has a rivalry started with Bailey Motorsports thanks to co leader MichaelFinley. “Thats Michaels deal not mine. I know who will prevail in the end there’s two completely separate management styles between 1Up and Bailey. One has been one of the most successful in the game the other has always caused a team blowup and I don’t see any reason why this time will be any different.”

The team is getting its expectations set high by rookie leader MichaelFinley and more gradual by veteran leader Tim Reeve. Perhaps past experiences makes Reeve less enthusiastic about immediate success than his rookie counterpart. Only time will tell how well the team does and until then anyone can expect anything from the team.

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