Archives for June, 2010

X2X Motorsports Rebuilding Again

X2X Motorsports is considered the best team ever in Nasrac, but why is it that it always seems to be rebuilding or going through leadership changes? The team has rebuilt is lineup 3 times and had 5 leaders in its existence. The team started in Season 1 Johnny Williams created the team, named X2X after [...]

Speed of Light Racing Preparing for Season 13

The Speed of Light Racing team has seen many changes over the offseason, from a name change to SLR from 1Up/Bailey Motorsports, new drivers, and the addition of Olson42 and Havealotoffu to the team leadership. The team has high hopes going into a new season. In AAA they hold a 5 member lineup including co [...]

Daytona 500 Eludes Greats

Note: This is focused on AAA1 only It is the biggest race of the season, those who win it are called Daytona 500 Champions. No other race are the winners remembered as champions of that particular race.  For the most part those that have won the Crown Jewel race have not had great success as [...]