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Season 11 has ended, Congrats to the Champions

A1- SN1990 (Independent) A2- D COOPER (Independent) A3- Brodave5 (Independent) A4- GTSVip9 (Independent) A5- Greg Murphy (OcW Racing) A6- Those49ersrule (Sith Racing) A7- Peanut1161 (Redline Motorsports) A8- Smalletje2 (Sith Racing) A9- Kyle-rowdy-buschx2 (Redline Motorsports) AA1- Rodd Flagg (Bupp Enterprises) AA2- Bender (Sith Racing) AAA- Kashvinder Mann (X2X Motorsports) Congrats to all of the champs, a [...]

3 To go, AAA Chase Contenders and Pretenders

Contenders: 1st #72 X1X, X2X Motorsports, 5867 points,  1 win, 6 top 5’s, 11 top 10’s X1X was one of two rookies in the chase this season, consistent finishes, along with picking up his first career win in AAA, throughout the chase have allowed him to capitalize on the bad luck of the drivers in [...]

AAA Season 11 Chase Preview

Another regular season is over and the Chase begins.  This is arguably the most competitive Chase ever with four former champions and a few other veteran Team Leaders looking to bring the title back to their team themselves.  Here are the contenders for the AAA championship in the new points order. 1st #4 Tim Reeve, [...]

A Look at the Standings, 6 Races to the Chase (AA1)

1st – Pedro (Independent) – Has run consistent all season, while he has not won a race yet he can take risks now because he is very safe to make the chase. 2nd- Rodd Flagg (Bupp Enterprises)- has run well all season picking up a few wins, and is likely the future of the BE [...]

Summary of Saturday Night’s Meeting

Due to previous tense situations concerning differing views on multiple team leadership at Redline and 1Up/Bailey and mod powers, the majority of the team leaders (including me) told Tim Reeve and Giants02122 about how we were prepared to go to Kevin and leave the game if something wasn’t done.  While Giants didn’t reply to me and didn’t [...]

1st Third of Season 11 Complete

The first third of Season 11 is complete. In AAA X2X Motorsports has flexed its muscle early with 5 cars currently in the chase zone and several more ready to pounce. Veteran driver Tim Reeve (Season 4 Champ) leads the way for the 5 Time AAA Champions with two wins sitting 2nd in points. Along [...]