NASRAC Season 1 is Complete – Best NASCAR Games!!!

Congrats to all the winners and thanks for making this a great first season. We learned a lot, I coded and changed lots of things. We all won a few friends and a couple enemies. If you didn’t win PM your buddy or fellow competitor who did. I have to say the last half of the season i tried and I never won a race – and I know how the code works…so definitely a round of applause <golf clap> for our winners.

NASRAC Cup Winners – Season 1
A1 – Adam Lyons
A2 – ahinds10
A3 – Rich Youngs who pulls off the comeback in the final race.
A4 – Garry Smith
Non Cup Winners (as in no chase but still winners)
A5 – gbmoore over Dan Collins who owned number 1 since race 24 but had a slight altercation with the wall of lap 68 of his final race and ended up 45th.
A6 – Patrick Hall
A7 – JVRacing
A8 – kloon showing us how after 6 races he could be a force in Season 2

Guys I hope you had fun, I did. Now I will move on to a season ending ‘fun’ event – The NASRAC Shootout. I will post the rules soon and email everyone when the race is ready. think early next week. Also note this race will be under the new ‘Fine tuning’ practice sessions. So cheating will no longer be possible. However, good news for you die hard NASCAR fans. Go ahead and setup a new account (YES you can have 2 or more, but only do what you can manage). I’ll allocate all these new drivers to new divisions right before Season 2 which is why I need everything off. The AA Series promotions will be limited to 100-150 drivers – not sure have not looked at the final numbers on participation yet, but I’ll know after the shootout.

Again, thank you all very much for the success of the game so far…

Happy Racing

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