Hello everyone, I’m Alain Worstwick, and welcome to This Week in NASRAC. This will be a Sunday feature that will include highlights of the NASRAC race week and also the current news, information, and happenings. We hope you will all enjoy this feature, as a lot of behind the scenes people have contributed to bring it to you.

Season 16 is now 6 races into the books. The season began with discussion of the AAA promotion and demotions process. Some were vocal about who should and should not get promoted and others wondered what it takes to stay in NASRAC’s premier division. This created a minor stir, but the moderators stepped in and put down revised rules which now clearly state the requirements to both get into and stay in AAA. This was well received in the NASRAC community, and most agreed the mod’s did a great job in acting before the start of the season. Now lets take at look at the racing on the track by division:


With that, The Daytona 500 kicked off Season 16, and saw Shelly1099 of X2X Motorsports celebrating in victory lane. Other highlights of the week include Diego Gonzalez, also of X2X, with 2 wins and 2nd in points, and the return of Kashvinder Mann, who returns under the Bupp Enterprises (BE) flag, and is currently 12th in points. Welcome back, Kash. But the real story of the first week has got to be AAA rookie DJV2448, also with Bupp. DJV was a surprise participant in AAA, but he certainly has laid to rest any doubts about if he belongs, pumping out 3 Top 5 finishes in the first 6. When asked how he felt being the points leader, he answered, “well its great and very unexpected”. Also joining him in the top 12 is rookie Robert Hendershot of Checkered Flag Motorsports (CFM), sitting 9th in points, and Brian Kreashko, Jr. of Henderson Racing (HR), 11th in points, showing the rookies know their way around. On the flip side, a few are mired at the bottom of the standings. It is surprising to see AAA veterans Michael Finley of Heat Motorsports and Alex Cieslarczyk of Bupp Enterprises sitting 53rd and 54th, respectively. We all know they won’t be staying there for much longer, but they got their work cut out for them already if they want to salvage their seasons. The competition is fierce in all the divisions this season.


AA1 has also developed some interesting story lines we will follow into the future. The season started out with Hendrick of Redline Performance Racing (RPR) taking the coveted trophy. Currently points leader, SN1990, which is Hall of Famer Dimage25′s alt account, has already netted 2 wins as has Hendrick, who is 5th in points. The other interesting part of the early AA1 season is Alex and Michael’s alt accounts, currently 2nd and 3rd in points, respectively. While they have both struggled in AAA, they are performing very well here, Alex with a win and 4 top 10′s, and Michael also with 4 Top 10′s. This should be fun to follow.


The current AA2 story is Kharv29, and everyone else. Of course, the story on Kharv29 is a bit interesting. Cody Johnson, team owner/leader of CFM, may be the alt account leader in NASRAC. At the beginning of the season, it was believed that Kharv29 was in retirement. The story is when Cody noticed the smaller field in the AA2 division, he brought Kharv29 out of retirement and the rest is history. Winner of 3 of the first 6, including the Daytona 500, Kharv29 has built up over a 100 point lead, while not finishing out of the Top 10. Trying to keep pace is Tornado21 of BE, with 5 top 10′s.

A Division

The A Divison has provided some great competition early in the season. Newcomers and veteran’s alt accounts are battling it out all over the place. Also, some indy’s are keeping pace as well. HR is showing early season strength, leading in two of the three splits.

A1 features points leader ShineRunner of HR, with 1 win and 5 top 10′s, followed by Brian Reilly of Heat with 3 wins. Another note in A1 is infamous team jumper RobertHill13, of newly formed MCM Motorsports (MCM), sitting 3rd in points.

A2 features HR drivers Rocker and GageUK, 1 and 2 in the points, and also 6 different race winners for the first 6 races. This should stay a very competitive race throughout the season.

A3 has the surprise of the season, if not in NASRAC, with Brianneh of CFM, their newest member. She is the sister of Robert Hendershot and is a very bright spot in the up and down season that CFM has already experienced. She has 3 wins in the first 6, and is the points leader. Beginnering luck? Or will she stay at the top for the rest of the season? Time will tell.


Of course, the first thing is the CFM/HR controversy. T.W.I.N. does not believe it is necessary to comment on this. We all have access to the forum and can read it all there if you wish. It does appear to be put behind everyone and that’s a good thing.

We would like to welcome new teams Voodoo, Inc. headed by Ben Sanderson, and MCM Motorsports, with Imetater at the helm. Good luck this season and beyond. Other team notes: With Newsome Racing struggling to find new recruits, JD and Kyle Rowdy Busch (KRB), of Redline, merged into the newly name Redline Performance Racing. Also, Straight Edge Racing’s owner Michael Finley brokered a deal with Aflac99 of Heat Motorsports and combined operations, keeping the Heat Motorsports name.

The Team Challenge is off and running. The seeds for the 1st Team Challenge Knockout Cup are set. Congrats to X2X and Henderson Racing for the top 2 seeds.
Here are the first round matchups:

#3 Bailey Motorsports v. #10 Platinum Motorsports
#4 Heat Motorsports v. #9 Bupp Enterprises
#5 Sith Racing v. #8 Checkered Flag Motorsports
#6 Redline Racing v. #7 Voodoo, Inc.

Good luck to all the teams.

That about wraps up this issue. Thanks for reading and, of course, comments and suggestions are appreciated. See ya next week.

Bupp Breaks Winless Streak

Going into the NASRAC Sunshine 600 @ Pheonix it had been 232 races since Phillip Bupp had last visited victory lane back at New Hampshire in the summer of season 9. While his Bupp Enterprises team paid visits all the time he simply could never pull off the win until last night when he finally broke through and won again for the 11th time in his AAA career. His record falls 10 races short of Elliott Henderson’s record 242 race streak. It also marks his 11th win at 11 different tracks which is most likely a record in itself.

The win has not come easy, it took determination and never giving up through good seasons and bad to finally make it back. It took him to 3 different manufacturers and a number change but finally after being a bridesmaid for so many times over the last 6 seasons he has returned to victory lane in the twilight of his career.

It’s also all but guaranteed that this season will also mark the first AAA championship for Bupp Enterprises which started back in season 8. It will not be the first one for Phillip as he won it as an owner in Season 6 when he was leader of X2X Motorsports. His two drivers sit 1-2 with 160 point cushion on 3rd place Diego Gonzalez who surprise surprise is from X2X Motorsports.

Elliott Henderson Back to Victory Lane

After losing 242 consecutive Cup Series races, Elliott Henderson won at Texas. After 333 laps of hard racing, when it was all said and done, Elliott won by 1.32 seconds, and led 94 of the laps. He was awarded ten bonus points for leading the most laps, along with leading one lap. The only thing is, I think so many people were looking at Elliott, they didn’t realize who was second. It was teammate Duffman228. You didn’t have to look back to far for the other two HR drivers either. KingLemmie finished twelfth and Danatyam was 18th. Definitely one of the best races for the AAA team this season.

“It was a really good race for us.” Elliott says, “I also didn’t realize that was Duffman, until I passed him. After that, I honestly didn’t care who it was. I knew I was going to the front, and that was about it.”

Just two weeks after the big Texas win, Elliott went to Talladega with high hopes. He would not be disappointed…

Elliott would take the lead from Kevin Minnelli with just 21 laps to go, and not look back. He went on to win by a margin of over 3 seconds! That is now a new record in itself. Just like Texas, Elliott led the most laps, and maximum points to try to gain on Alan Snyder. Sadly that would not happen. Elliott would go on to finish 25th at Richmond and 45th at Darlington.

“Yeah, we have had a rough last two weeks…” Says Elliott, “…but I think we can really turn it around tonight at Charlotte. HR has always performed well here, and I don’t think it will be any different this season. Heck, maybe we can get Lemmie or Duff in victory lane. Myself and Dan already have one, so we can wait…”

Elliott, along with the other HR drivers go to Charlotte with high hopes.

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