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Postby Nick » Thu Feb 20, 2014 3:33 pm

Welcome to the NASRAC Race Hub! A new series that plans to offer you a wealth of info and some entertainment too. To get you all caught up here is the Lead Lap...

That was the first line from the very first NASRAC Race Hub in September of 2011. Seems like so long ago now. Welcome, for the last time, to the NASRAC Race Hub. A two year old series that plans to offer you closure to the end of NASRAC in an informative, yet entertaining way. (See what I did there?) This piece was supposed to mark the end of the Hub era, but will now signify the end of NASRAC itself. After 30 seasons, 15 of which I was fortunate enough to be a part of, this game that has become part of my daily routine has come to an untimely end.

Okay - many of you will hate me. Many will thank me for the game BUT I want to thank all of you for the years of fun. I have to hang it up. I just can't keep up with the demands and I'm not advancing the game the way I wanted. I want to focus on my business without worrying about kicking the races off and fighting with the host company about resource allocations. Please feel free to hang out here and chat. I won't turn anything off. The mods are the mods, respect them. I will remain in contact with a few of you but again for now I cant keep the game running. I'm sorry. Thanks for a great time. 30 seasons, over 1,000 race nights!!! - Kevin Minnelli

When I started to write up this Hub, I paused and contemplated, what am I to write about? There's no need to recap the history of the game...we all lived it. There's obviously only one major news item to discuss..and that's pretty black and white. I could get all poetic and shit but I'll spare you the unnecessary sentimentality. (First time I've ever sworn in a Hub without bleeping it out...hey, why not?) I decided that this Hub will go to you...all of you, as you reflect on your fondest memories of NASRAC and give your thoughts on the termination of the game.

Thoughts on Game Ending

I saw it coming. It's sad, but I have anticipated it for many seasons now. - Trevor Sells

I feel that the Best Game in online Racing should not close. You could add using your earned money to do work on your car. JIMMY D

Well first of all, its been great to meet you all. Thanks to all that made this game the fun game it was. -FastEddie686

I saw this coming during the last 2 seasons. The time it was taking between seasons was getting longer, so it was inevitable that it would end sooner rather than later. I understand that the developer of the game (Kevin) has a real life and has other priorities and that this was just an infill for him. Unfortunately it became popular and it has now disappointed a lot of people. Hopefully he will change his mind down the track and bring the game back. - Marley

I've been away from the forums for while. For a while I thought last season was my last season. I guess it really was. I'm glad I was a part of the game and community for 4 years, it sure doesn't seem like it. I am beyond honored to have led a team back from it's lowest points, and while we didn't reach "elite" status, I am nothing but proud of FOR, everyone who was a part of it, and what we accomplished. I enjoyed doing my little News segments, chatting with you all, and just enjoying the fellowship. I still haven't seen what all this entails, hopefully the forums stay up. If not, I wish you all luck, happiness, and peace in your lives, and hopefully our paths cross again at a race track, racing community, or what have you. -Geeman

Very sad to see the game end. I was looking forward to my first season in AAA, but what can you do? That's just the way the cookie crumbles. I will miss you all. -Steve85743

Wait what? NASRAC is finished? Thats screwwd up -Tony14Fan

It was a real shame to hear it was ending, I thought NASRAC could go on for a long while and continue it's success. All good things have to come to an end. - Kashvinder Mann
Its a bummer but everyone has do whats best for them and if we are that distraught over it, someone could take over. - Stryder

It was very sad to hear that the game is over but i understand it most be a big job to run this thing but anyway
i can only thank you very very much for a great game and i hope you end it with a great honor and many thanks
from all the Nascar fans all over the World. Its not fun to hear the game is stopping but as i said earlier i quess its to much work. - Gustavhelge

My initial thoughts was how sad, but I understand about kevin being so busy. I will definitely miss doing races during the season. For some reason I really enjoyed playing the game and found it very challenging. - darcee
Um...I want to cry. I'll definitely miss NASRAC. I'm just coming off my rookie AAA season, Mike and I had an aspiring team in RR, and now NASRAC is poof-just gone. It's saddening, but I understand where Kevin is coming from, and I wish him luck with his business - Yovarni Yearwood

I hate to see the game go, but I understand and respect that Kevin has things to deal with that are more important than this. -CapeCd

Well, it's a shock to be honest. We've all taken it for granted at one point in time, assuming it would just always be here. But everything has to come to an end. Activity rates have been down for a year or two, it was only a matter of time. I don't know about everyone else but I completely understand where Kevin is coming from. - JD Newsome

:cry: N :cry: O :cry: ! - Adrian Hingley

It has to be. I fully understand & accept it. - Timothy Bellis

WTF? i came back to play this season and was prepared to help another team out. How in the hell cant someone put a little time of enjoyment for everyone? If we must pay a fee, then do so. These dammed season layover were getting outta hand. I guess we were lucky it didnt happen sooner. - Kyle-Rowdy-Busch

Very sad it's all over a really great game. - Tazdevil

Im shocked somewhat. It seemed like NASRAC would go on until 100 season or so, but all god things end. - Ben Durrant

Too Bad, a shame even. It seemed to me that new drivers were getting into nasrac. Elite drivers moved to other teams to strengthen all the teams for the team competition. Many drivers were chomping at the bit to get the new season started. And then, the rug was pulled from right out from under us. Is there anyone who can purchase or get access to the software to keep nasrac running? It doesn't seem right that one person shuts it down and the rest of us are left hanging. - RacerX

I understand that he had to end NASRAC for personal reasons, but man.... I am a bit disappointed. Anyway, thank you Kevin for making the game and making a wonderful community. I think that NASRAC has come pretty far even though this is my first season and man was I impressed. I met some nice people here and I'm sad to see it all go. - mtjfan

I'm obviously a little disappointing that the game will come to an end, but I fully understand why it's too much for 1 guy to run. And overall I'd like to thank him for putting in so much time over the last 5 years running this game for us all to play. -Happyal

I'm very sad to see the game end. I've had a lot of good times on here, and met a lot of great people. I've had a blast as a member of FTR, it was great being a teammate to many of the friends I've made on here. I hope most people will stick around the forums and chat, and maybe this will only end up being temporary. The best part of NASRAC has always been talking to everyone in the community and having a good time to me, and hopefully that can continue. Thank you to Kevin for putting so much time into this game over the years, it's been awesome. - JG24

Is there no one that can run the game but kevin? this game is a unique experience, unlike every other civ style d&d clone around the web. and that's what i will miss, a decent concept in dire need of automation. - Zhdantine

Your Favorite Memory From NASRAC?

CFM with Cody and everybody. Also 2 runner up finishes in AAA :(. - Trevor Sells

I guess my greatest moment was winning the Daytona 500!!! :D - FastEddie686

Winning AAA1 and being inducted to the HOF along with being a member of the (arguably) the best team in NASRAC. - Marley

My favorite memories come from way back a couple years ago, before my initial retirement, watching the formation of my new team (Speed of Light Racing). My unretirement was also fun, seeing the old faces that had stuck around while meeting new ones as well. - Steve85743

Being invited as a beta tester for the game, which was a pretty cool experience as I've never been involved with a game right from the very start and seeing how it went from Day One right up till the last day. Oh, and winning two AAA-1 championships as well. - Kashvinder Mann

This game was perfect- There was the practice laps to dial in your car then you worked out a strategy. Waited for the races and tracked how you did and try to improve. One did not have to spend hours to play as in RT strategy or MMPORG or whatever that is. - Stryder

My personal favorite is to bring the cars so higher up the ladder it may come and recond i was driveing. SMILE - Gustavhelge

I don't know if I have a favorite memory per se, but I know that the few times I made the chase and almost got to the front to enough to win, I enjoyed it. It gave me something to work for. -darcee

My favorite memory would definitely have to be being on teams, particularly Burnout Enterprises/Flat-Out Racing and Revolution Racing. Gary was awesome and so was everyone from BE/FOR, and I would've gotten to know the guys/gals on RR too. - Yovarni Yearwood

My favorite memory from NASRAC was when I won the AAA Daytona 500. I don't know why, but for some reason, I was actually excited in real life. I felt like I did something somewhat important on this site. -CapeCd

The memory that sticks in my mind for some reason is when I was on Bupp Enterprises many seasons ago, I was watching the races run on my PSP while I was suppose to be sleeping, when I noticed I'd won the AAA Brickyard 400 I jumped on chat and started bragging about it. I used to be quite annoying I suppose, haha. - JD Newsome

Making the Chase last season, was really looking forward to next season. - Adrian Hingley

Winning the A5 championship in season 4. It was awesome. - Timothy Bellis

Winning some AAA races and the Henderson youtube video - Kyle-Rowdy-Busch

Getting promoted and staying up. - Tazdevil

My favorite memory of NASRAC would be my only win in AA in Season 16. Or I would be when I won 7 races in a season with The Nonos Famly - Ben Durrant

WoW!, there are many. But for me, my favorite memory is being in contention for the nasrac championship season after season. Another favorite memory is getting to be teammates with many HOF drivers. And finally I enjoyed the memories of reading my teammates analysis and calculations of how that silly magic number worked! lol - RacerX

My best moment was when I won my 1st championship in my 1st and only season with 16 wins. - mtjfan
A few stand out, winning a AAA race, being asked to join a team and help start a new team, but my favorite memory will have to be my AA championship, as before the chase I was awful, but it all came together in the chase races. - Happyal

What Will You Miss Most?

All the friends I've made here over the years. Playing the game lost its fun seasons ago, I've pretty much been here for the community lately. - Trevor Sells

Setting up for the races and then watching them unfold. - Marley

I will really miss the tight-knit community of NASRAC. We were like family, brothers and sisters. Always supported each other. It is the closeness of the NASRAC family that I will miss most. Thank you all for the great memories. - Steve85743

Just having fun with the game with some great bunch of people around here, it's been a real pleasure to be back here. - Kashvinder Mann

I will miss being on a Team, the simulated lifestyle of a NASCAR driver/ crew chief. "Watching" your car and team move up or down in the standings. - Stryder

To read and see all the fans that bring persons all over the World togheter and support one of the most entertaining motorsportsevent as NASCAR is. - Gustavhelge

I will miss the all the drivers in competition and the teams trying to beat each other for the TC. - darcee

I'm just gonna miss NASRAC in general. I was really looking forward to this, especially with everything that happened for Mike and myself, so I'm pretty much gonna miss everything about NASRAC. - Yovarni Yearwood

I will miss everything about NASRAC, except for wrecking on important races. -CapeCd

I don't want to say that it's over indefinitely, someone might purchase it and bring it back, which I'd definitely support. But if it is over, I'll miss the connections made over it most of all. - JD Newsome

NASRAC itself of course. - Adrian Hingley

I will miss the racing cause it'd the only thing in my mind that's going away. We still have the same great people & friends that make the game. - Timothy Bellis

the constant chasing down the Mn's - Kyle-Rowdy-Busch

Will miss my team mates. - Tazdevil

I will miss staying up late at night waiting for the results to be posted and feel the job of my horrible setups give me a win or a top 5. - Ben Durrant

I'll miss every time I checked the race results from the previous night's race. Just to see how I did that night. Seeing if all of my setup calculations and theories paid off. I'll also miss what might have been. I remember some forum posts about upgrading nasrac to v2.0. That upgrade would have given us more adjustments and strategies to work with. Making all of us analytical minded drivers more data to analyze about qualifying and setups. I really wished that would have happened. - RacerX

I will miss everything about NASRAC. I came here and became so attached. The way the races are run, how complex and real this game is.... its just pure genius. I guess I will miss the community, but I bet many people will still be on the forums - mtjfan

Without doubt I will miss the community the most. I looked forward to the forwards, and my team member comments after, and before races. the name, and game Nasrac will always remind me of a great online community, one that I think we can all be proud off. - Happyal

FINAL NASRAC Hall of Fame Class
by Phillip Bupp

In this final NASRAC Hall of Fame induction, I want to reflect and say how special it is personally to be in such great company. This is something that takes a lot of hard work and something that is so exclusive, that many worthy people will not even be in the Hall of Fame. The people who are already in and those who will be in provide a glimpse in the history of the game and set themselves apart as the best of the best both on and off the track. Because of ties, there will be 8 members of the Hall of Fame and I want to congratulate all of them below. Congratulations to the 8 of you who are entering the NASRAC Hall of Fame and welcome to the club.

BOLD means Hall of Fame inductee

Michael Finley-7
Michael Chavez-7
Ed DeGroot-5
Greg B-5
Rex Carr-5

Robert Hendershot-3
Jeremy Madrigal-3
Aaron Claybaugh-2
Chris Zucco-1
Trevor Sells-1
Gary P-1
Paul Irvan-1
Matt Kurdas-1

If you'd like to help with the final update to the NASRAC History section or do some of these HOF Bios, please pm me (Nick) and I'll set you up with what you need.

NASRAC BatRacer League
by Michael Finley

With NASRAC ended, I looked to try and find a new stock car sim. I found it, but it isn't out yet.
Here's what you need to know: (Doing project level 3)
We will be running the stock car mod and will NOT have live races.
Here's the dev website:
And finally, here is the link to our new stock car analytic league, BATSCAL:
With the abilities of BATracer NG, we can build this league around not what NASCAR is, but what it should be. The plan is to run 30 races at 30 tracks, using stock cars and having about 23 ovals and 7 road courses for the first season. The fun part is that I can go in there and remove Michigan for, say, Iowa if we want to. We'll see how many series we're going to have after our first season, where we're only going to have one.
BATSCAL's first season will launch between July of 2014 and January of 2015. Join the forum now, we're quite lonely over there and we have no idea how much longer the NASRAC forum will last.


You might have noticed that everything in this Hub, minus Kevin's statement, is not in color. That's on purpose in case you were wondering. For me, there are too many great memories to go and pick just one. I loved my time on NASRAC and I'm far from happy to see it come to an end. The racing was fun, the fights were amusing, the interaction on chat and the forum was great, and I'll certainly miss it all. To the few of you still wandering around here and might actually see this, thanks for reading, and thanks for playing.
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